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November 24, 2017, 03:36:23 am
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Author Topic: Better Streetlights for Tulsa  (Read 110799 times)
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"From energy economics, there's a phenomenon called The Rebound Effect," Kyba said: If we have an energy-efficient car, for example, we allow ourselves to live farther from work and thus end up driving more. Though there's a limit to the amount of time one spends driving, with LED lights, there seems to be no saturation point.

The improved energy efficiency has therefore led to more LED lighting being installed in households and outdoors, Kyba said.
He also highlighted an issue with the way people are using LEDs, which offer features like dimmers that are going unused.
"What is currently happening is that we take take the old lamps out, keep the masts standing and get the new lamp on," he said. "So we're not using these amazing ways of using LEDs."


In a nutshell, two major things happened:

1) Rather than enjoy the energy savings from switching to more efficient lights, people (and cities) instead install more, negating their savings, and
2) The LED lights cities were told they should use emit too much blue light.  Vendors often ignore LEDs of lower color temperature (warmer light) which can lessen the damage, and fail to use shielded fixtures that keep light from shining into peoples eyes and homes.

"Tulsa will lay off police and firemen before we will cut back on unnecessarily wasteful streetlights."  -- March 18, 2009 TulsaNow Forum
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