What is going on east of Dilly Deli?

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Quote from: rwarn17588 on December 17, 2009, 04:43:39 pm

What were they?

Cherry Street Brewery was one.  Where Snail is now.

The other was on Memorial.  Can't think of the name.

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Quote from: Conan71 on December 17, 2009, 03:40:08 pm

Tulsa has had two brew pubs in the past.  One was way over indebted and poorly managed, the other I'm still not sure why it failed as a couple of very good restarauteurs partnered up on it.

Far as I know there is no ceiling on production.  Eric told me one time why he was not electing to go that route and I honestly cannot now remember the reason why. (We must have been drinking beer at the time).  I think it may have had to do with the cost and perhaps he could not package and distribute the beer if it was a brew pub.  Maybe he's lurking and will chime in.

I believe I remember Eric saying he wanted to be in the brewing business but not necessarily the restaurant business, perhaps among other things.

Quote from: Townsend on December 17, 2009, 05:11:24 pm

Cherry Street Brewery was one.  Where Snail is now.

The other was on Memorial.  Can't think of the name.

Tulsa Brewing Company

Quote from: Dana431 on December 17, 2009, 06:13:03 pm

Tulsa Brewing Company

Where Lanna Thai is now approximately 73rd & Memorial on the east side of the road.

That's also been an Interurban, and plenty of other less memorable restaurants over the years.  I think the building has been there about 30 years now.

Rwarn- Cherry St. Brewery had an elaborate marketing scheme which involved an IPO of stock.  The idea was to raise money, but the idea was also by selling 1 million shares at $5 each (I think that was the formula, sheesh that's been about 18 years or so back now) they would create a base of "owners" who would take pride in "their" brewery and bring their friends and assciates in for a beer and meal.  As another friend related at the time: "Yeah, you pick up a few thousand owners but you also pick up a few thousand potential pains in the donkey."

This was all integrated into the renovation of Lincoln Elementary into Lincoln Plaza.  I was in the middle of all that at the time as I was still in the ad business, but my memory of the development of the overall center and how much the owner/developer of the brewery, Tom Ackley, was involved has faded.

They did everything first class, paid a brew meister a pretty good chunk to locate here, etc.  I can't rembember how long it lasted, maybe 18 to 24 months but they had problems from the start, most notably with their share-holders who were pissed off about snooty service, crappy food, and mediocre beer, but they had $30,000 pieces of craptastic abstract art on the walls.

Whoops, I guess it lasted longer than I thought or perhaps they opened later than 1991, might have been '92 or '93.  I found an article dated June of 1996 announcing the sale of the brewing equipment to a California brew pub for $150K.  I suspect that was a good deal less than it was bought for originally.  There again if they opened late '93 and went BK in late '95 this might fit the timeframe.  What's interesting is it appears it was a Ch. 11 reorganization, but they liquidated it.  This is the central building where Jason's Deli and Gray Snail are now. Those spaces combined made up the brew pub. 

As I recall, great location, great building, great concept, but shitty management seems to have been the major issue.  The shareholders may have even deposed Ackley at one point.

"Jul. 26--What began as a shining hope for investors and patrons wanting a cold one brewed in midtown Tulsa is going west.

The brewing equipment from the Cherry Street Brewery has been sold to a California company for use in a microbrewery.

Workers loaded the stainless steel tanks -- up to 19 feet tall -- and other brewing equipment Thursday for its trip west. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma approved the $150,000 sale as part of the Chapter 11 reorganization by Cherry Street Brewery.

There also will be an auction Wednesday to sell other equipment from the restaurant. Mr. Ed's will run the auction, which will start on site ... "


Last I knew Tom Ackley had taken his act to Costa Rica where he's clear cut a beautiful mountain top and built a bed and breakfast.


I think you'll all be excited to see what's coming in the Blue Dome District in the months to come. In addition to Elliot's bowling alley, we're adding a new retro themed arcade pub to the south of Joe Momma's called "The Max Retropub" (shooting for an April opening. We have the permit.) Even before the pub, a new retail spot called Boomtown Tees will be between Joe Momma's and The Max and a new BBQ place called "Back Alley Blues and BBQ" will be in the back end of the space and will be accessed from the alley (Memphis style). Next up for us...an Alamo Draught House style theater.

Tom and Angie Green (of DFest fame) have opened ENSO, which is a nice new lounge type place at 1st and Detroit. They plan to open The IDL Ballroom (a large music venue which was formerly The Blank Slate) and a dance club called The Electric Circus (formerly Exit 6C). These are well done and are a welcome addition to the entertainment scene in the district.

Lee's is opening East of Dilly Deli and the place formerly known as Templ will/has reopen(ed) as "The Candy Bar." There are additional retail spaces next to Lee's, some of which at least have prospective tenants.

Elliot's bowling alley is on the way and he's opening another bar to the south of that in the space that used to house the lock and key shop.

Don't forget about Sager's loft project. Someday we'll have lofts in the district.

Also....we've got some pretty cool parties and festivals: St. Patrick's Day, Blue Dome Festival, Tulsa Tough, DFest, and our new addition: Tulsa's biggest Mardi Gras party and parade (coming this year).

There are still some great spots in the area and infill opportunities abound. I agree that the red building north of El Guapo's needs to be developed, but the word on the street is that its owners have no intentions of selling or developing. There's a similar story about the lot to the west of McNellie's. There are some great buildings currently being used for other things and maybe someday their use will change to something more attractional.

The Blue Dome Association's members are working hard to combine our resources to promote and improve our neighborhood. I'm optimistic that 2010 will be the best year ever in the Blue Dome District and that our continued growth will prove what can happen when motivated entrepreneurs take some chances.

Keep coming down and supporting Blue Dome Restaurants and venues. We've got a great concentration of local restaurants and bars and we're on our way to being Tulsa's most notable entertainment district.


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