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April 10, 2021, 05:33:37 am
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Author Topic: University of Tulsa  (Read 6092 times)
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My biggest hope for TU is that they will redevelop the southern portion of campus at some point along Route 66. Between them and Hillcrest they're two of the biggest frontage owners along Route 66 in this area. They could have a really outsized influence on the corridor. Those dorms I'm sure are getting aged and aren't exactly the 'it' kind of student housing they used to be. Redeveloping those into more mixed-use style housing with retail (like this: https://uscvillage.com/   or   https://uscvillage.com/maps-and-parking/ ) along with the parking lots around the arena at 11th & Harvard. If they want to be able to recruit talent to the university, that would be a great start by kick starting development around the campus so it feels more like a real community versus being walled off.

Completely agree.  When they originally built Mayo and Lorton Villages and the new green fronting 11th it was part of an effort to better connect the campus to 11th.  But the late 90's/early 00's apartments with surface parking and fences around them are now an outdated concept, especially at this location.  That is where TU should focus its redevelopment, similar to how TCU has been an instrumental in developing Berry St next to its campus which used to look a lot like 11th. 

I also like that TU is looking west where it has its Cyber District planned at 6th & Lewis.  Plans are still vague but hopefully that materializes which would tie into all of the other new developments along Lewis.  Eventually I'd like to see more of the older housing redeveloped south of 6th and replaced with higher density apartments and townhomes like what they have been doing along and north of 6th between Lewis and Delaware.

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