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January 18, 2019, 07:36:55 am
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Author Topic: The best Tulsa bars and what makes them great  (Read 3370 times)
truth teller
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« Reply #30 on: April 02, 2017, 08:27:44 pm »

I think the best bar in Tulsa is found at the Thursday night Tulsa Drillers baseball games. $5 admission and $1 beers make a fun night for little money.

The regular crowds get a baseball game and the college kids all hang out behind center field at that concession stand.

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« Reply #31 on: April 03, 2017, 08:57:54 am »

"They've got a varied menu..."

The Rusty Crane is good, but like a lot of other great places that have been mentioned it has a full menu.   One of my regular places is R Bar, but I didn't include it on my original list because I was/am looking for places that are primarily a bar.  No food, or minimal bar-food kind of stuff.   If it's a place you would eat dinner, it isn't what I was going for.

Also Tavolo.  Went Friday night. Sat at the bar.  Great drinks (I had a Vesper made exactly per Ian Fleming, and it was awesome...) and great food. But still, more a restaurant than a bar.


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« Reply #32 on: April 03, 2017, 10:30:00 am »

Another of my favorites from the deep dark past - probably the one I went to most in my younger days - was Veterans Bar.  Run by Ross and Juanita Catron.  Ross always looked kinda "mad", but that was just the way his face was...he was an all right guy who was always treated me and friends well and was good host.  We would go there for lunch and a beer several times a week - if we didn't go to the Savoy, or take the little longer walk to Nelson's Buffeteria.  Beer, red beer, and Coca-Cola - all one price... 25 cents.   Go in front door and turn left, you went into the round domed room where there were pool tables.  If went in straight, past the bar, into the back room, there were always tables full of old guys playing dominoes!  And smoking a LOT of cigarettes!!

First place I ran across Landshire Sandwiches - my favorite was always the 'Chuckwagon'.  Was reminded of this just a few months ago when the deli at work had those in the cooler.  I got one and tried it for lunch - yep, just the same as late 1960's - not horrible, but not really great either.

Today part of the sign looks to be the same, except for the name.  Says Arnies Bar now... Guess I need to go in and check it out...


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