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February 23, 2019, 03:48:12 pm
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Author Topic: New Zoning Code, only few days left to comment.  (Read 999 times)
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« on: June 01, 2015, 07:52:21 am »

What do you think about the new features proposed in the zoning code update public review draft? The document under consideration is a working draft; your input will help us shape the final product. Four days left to comment.

Please leave a comment!


My personal interest is with downtown.  Right now no new zoning will be allowed.  I would like for the possibility of zoning to be available.

 One reason is that we will be hoping to create transit corridors in downtown, some of which will connect to other parts of the city as well.   We may also be investing in other related infrastructure improvements, everything from transit shelters to parking garages.

Just as we have zoning in place to protect our investments and follow our over all plans in other parts of the city, we should also be able to consider having, transit friendly, pedestrian lively, zoning for our investments and plans downtown.

When the public is investing in a vision and a plan (like the Downtown Small Area Plan), which may call for things like, a downtown transit corridor, an "anything goes" "willy nilly" no plan approach to development along those corridors strikes me as unwise and possibly even irresponsible.  I believe in freedom for individual developers to do what they want, but I also think that having some "checks and balances" to accommodate bigger picture, public concerns and investments could be important.

I believe we should strike the proposed language from the new comprehensive plan which forbids future zoning overlays in downtown.  I do not believe our hands should be tied in this way as we move forward.
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