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January 16, 2019, 10:25:29 pm
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Author Topic: Saying Goodbye  (Read 2233 times)
« on: May 30, 2005, 08:44:18 am »

With this note, I shall be signing off this board. I took out a year’s subscription to a proxy service so I could log on. That subscription is now up and I will not renew. Your admins kept blocking my IP.

Now that I have been away from Tulsa for about 9 months my anger at living there is mostly gone. I am happy here and the other day I sat down at thought about what the differences are. They are listed in the following paragraphs.

I live in midtown west Houston (Galleria – Highland Village – West U area) and here is what I see:

1.   Gleaming office towers and luxury condos / townhomes intermixed with tree lined streets and residences
2.   Trendy boutique shopping areas (Highland Village, River Oaks, Rice Village) filled with equally trendy people
3.   Every other car a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus
4.   Construction everywhere – streets, buildings, offices, freeways, homes
5.   Great restaurants of every possible variety
6.   Bustling downtown day and night with light rail, new baseball park, new basketball stadium
7.   Medical Center five miles away, now one of the top medical centers in the world
8.   Diversity (other cultures, lifestyles) welcomed
9.   Freedom – to read what you like, to drink when you like, etc

Contrast this with what I saw in Tulsa:

1.   Deserted downtown
2.   Awful roads and streets
3.   No excellence in facilities particularly medical
4.   People down on their luck everywhere
5.   No freedom
6.   Generally backward populace

If you have lived anywhere halfway decent, Tulsa is a depressing place. People are affected by their surroundings – I surely was.

By the way – your admins would do great in North Korea. They definitely don’t want the population to know the truth.

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