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January 16, 2019, 06:13:36 pm
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Author Topic: Black Jaxx - Heaven has returned to Earth!!  (Read 865 times)
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« on: May 27, 2012, 03:00:18 pm »

Random drive this afternoon led us to highway 88, eastbound from 169 at the Oologah street light.  Went to the lake to look around, then continued east past the spillway and on a couple miles.  Didn't want to go on to Claremore, so turned around and came back west.  Pure blind luck made me notice one of these little awning tents down a small hill on the side of the road - the kind many use at the barbeque contests....

As I was cruising past, I happened to notice on the top was a banner that said "Black Jaxx".  Looked like it was set up in someone's front yard (still not sure about that, cause there was a little street there.)

Naturally, my curiosity was piqued, so I turned around the first chance I got and drove slowly back down the road.  Turned in when I got to the little street, and saw a smoker set up with a young guy working under the tent.

Turns out, there have been changes in the overall structure, but NONE in the food that was available today.  Limited menu to meats, either on sandwich with chips and drink available, or by the pound!  Since we have been missing this for so long, we got a pound of pork and full rack of ribs!!  Yay, team!!  The guy working today has it figured out.

Yesterday was their first day of the summer and they will be there on Saturdays from around 10:00 am (or 11) until they run out.  The menu is limited, but he promises to get it all up to speed as quick as possible.  No idea how long that may be.

Since we ate at Albert G's yesterday, this is a perfect opportunity to literally compare the two side by side, both less than 24 hours old.  OMG!!  I like Albert G's better than anyone else in town, as can be determined by my comparisons of them to everyone else in town.  Sorry, A G's....you have been beaten like a rented mule!!!

If anyone gets curious, and would like a nice drive in the country, and great barbeque, head north on 169.  Turn right (east) on 88, just at the north side of the PSO power plant in Oologah.  Drive a while.  When you see a little building on the left that has a Black Jaxx sign, ignore it - that is the one that burned down.  Keep on going over the Oologah lake dam.  Past Redbud Bay Marina.  Past that little community just east of the marina.  As you are about to leave the community, start looking closely on your left (north) side of the highway.  It is down in a little hole there.  You can see the lake spillway ahead of you just a few hundred feet (1/8th mile??) - if you get to the lake spillway, you went too far.  If you get to Claremore, forget about it - you don't deserve great barbeque!


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