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June 13, 2024, 02:17:56 am
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Author Topic: Homophobic. Hypocritical. Lying. Owasso Public Schools  (Read 3712 times)
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« on: February 05, 2020, 02:00:08 pm »

I hate to start a new topic, but none of the others seemed to fit.

Owasso Public Schools is at it again... I was inflicted with them for a very short time (luckily it was weeks rather than months or years) in the 60's and they were less than stellar.  They sucked.   And now that I have several sets of friends out there, some of them are also being inflicted with it now.  Not much has changed.  In particular, the hypocrisy, lies, and unequal enforcement of their so-called "rules".   They claim to have "zero tolerance" for physical violence of any kind.  King Dog crock of crap!

One of those friends has a kid who is autistic, socially awkward, and has been known to say the "wrong thing", attending elementary school in the 'inner city' section of Owasso.  Couple of days ago there was a small group of kids talking and kidding around when he made a joke, saying something along the line of asking one of the other boys if he wanted to hold hands.  Turns out the other boy has learned his homophobic, fascist, lessons well from the people at home, so he kicked, then punched the friends kid!

The Principal of this school, who has blathered endless plaintive bleats about "no tolerance" for any kind of violence, put the autistic kid in detention!   And told the parents that she understood the Nazi's reaction because the joke made him uncomfortable, but she "talked to him" anyway...!   No detention or any other punishment because a good talking to would certainly do the trick...!   Good job, Owasso Public Schools!   Another 0 days without major public embarrassment!

And this is NOT the first time this kind of bullying has been excused and condoned by this particular incompetent public school functionary.   I guess it is to be expected, though, given the overall mindset of hatred and bigotry to be found in Oklahoma in general in the Age of Trump.

And no, to set the minds of Owasso Public Schools teachers and patrons at ease, the kid probably isn't gay - but at 8, how can one tell for sure?  He has girlfriends that he likes very well, so your little spawn is likely "safe" from him.  He is a goofy little kid who is pretty funny overall, usually making age appropriate comments, jokes, and conversations, but sometimes he doesn't understand the nuances of some of the things he says - like this time.   He doesn't "get" the concept of homophobia.  He doesn't "get" how it is that HE is being punished when the other kid kicked and punched him!    Now his parents are being forced into an early discussion of hatred and bigotry.  I guess it's probably time, though, huh, given where we live?

It's just sad to see kids of friends having to go through the kind of BS I lived through that existed with my friends growing up in the 50's and 60's.  One would like to hope that people might improve.   But it ain't happening.  In fact, it is regressing.

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