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January 18, 2020, 11:01:25 pm
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Author Topic: Feedback on the Land Use Forum  (Read 1535 times)
« on: April 28, 2005, 10:06:48 am »

In light of last nights Land Use presentation here are some thoughts.  I am in no way an expert or perfect but...

What the hell is 'Form Based Codes'?  I feel like I have a grasp on the idea but I wonder if lay people in the audience really walked away with a definition or a real concept.  I'm a visual person and really other than Bates' 'Urban/Sub-Urban' diagram I'm not sure the outcome of FBC's was really presented.  More pictures could have benifited those not in the know.

The presentations were a bit long winded.  That's easy for me to say as I was in the audience but I got lost in the words from time to time.  Not a lot of invection or emphasis on key points.  

Politics!?!  pancakes?  The subject matter last night, as I took it, has absolutely nothing to do with politics so why even bring it into the picture.  It appears to be about QUALITY OF LIFE!!  Not about Medlock or Mautino.  That comment by Bates made me almost forget everything he said before it.  I was glad to see the lady get up behind him and acknoledge the other two councilors present but still I took home the same ole' political conflict that seems to be stifling any momentum Tulsa tries to gain,(on a personal rant: Mr. Mayor where is your leadership on the politics issue?  Where the hell are you anyway; are you in New Haven cheering on the arena design?  Are you purposefully hiding?) back to the issue:

Where was our call to action?  I think Wayne Alberty from INCOG hit the nail on the head when he said we need community support if we are going to accomplish anything.  So what's next.  How can I help move the dialog?  There were no marching orders.  I will contact my councilor in support of what I took home last night; I hope that others are capable and able as well.

I'm glad the subject is being discussed.  I'm thankful to TulsaNow, NPR, YPTulsa and others for bringing the subject to light.  This is definitely a start.  Let's hope we actually got the boulder moving this time.  Any others care to comment on last nights presentation?
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