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March 23, 2019, 01:10:55 am
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Author Topic: Momma has come  (Read 17144 times)
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« Reply #105 on: December 01, 2008, 01:12:03 pm »

Went by for lunch last week. I was disappointed when I was told they didnt have a lot of the specialty pizzas available by the slice yet. So the wife and I had plain ole sausage and pepperoni due to both of our limited palettes (on opposite extremes). Also, I recall at the south Tulsa location there were pizza-like sandwiches. I got one and it was amazing. I was bummed to not see it on the menu downtown. On the plus side, the pizza we did have was very, very good. Next time my work wants to order from Hideaway, I will definitely throw Joe Momma's name out instead. I will definitely go back when they've got some of the wrinkles ironed out.
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« Reply #106 on: December 06, 2008, 11:38:33 am »

Ok I pulled a couple of buddies in there last night...9:45ish. Ordered a round of beers (no strong ones yet)3 guys 2 appetites; we ordered a T-Rex and a California something w/ chicken.
The server tried way too hard and was bordering on annoying (thanks for the effort...were just a couple of good ole boys out for some grub and brewskies...let us tell our stories and drink and eat). The server did ask our opiinions on the food and build out of the space which I credit him for. The pizzas came and we really liked them despite being smaller than we ordered.....here come the server and says "hey guys guess what........those 2 pizzas are smaller than you ordered I have another in oven  right now to make up the diff" OK we were just wondering why they were smallish.
We snarfed 'em down and took 3 pcs home in a box.
My usually no comment dining partners did exclaim: "damn good frikin pizza".
I also am now waiting on the spcialty pizzas like a craker crust which the server said they will get online when the wrinkles are ironed out.
They are open till 3AM! Go boys! Get some foosball tables if you dont already(I didnt walk the whole place.
JoeMomma I am going to PM you on some buildout things I would like to comment on. (Iam from a commercial construction background).
Food:for pizza 5* out of 5!
service:3* out of 5 (servers: relax but get drinks on table faster and dont talk/hover as much; it's cool just r e l a x and smile...all of you; you guys were walking around like aflicted Emo's what up w/ that?just smile damnit!)
atmoshere: 3* it was near 10pm not many folks in there; it will improve in time.
We were actually headed to BoneFish Grill that night...ended up downtown..walked into Tsunami sat at bar...bartender walked off said she would be back there were 2 other bartenders there that didnt even fart in our direction....my buddies said we at least have to get a drink! NO! we dont...screw them if they dont want our cash (this is one of my favorite places too)I counted down from 9 and I said well boys were outa here. (Tsunami: put down the damn bong and get your act together dumbasses!)Out in the cold to finf food and drink...McNellies here we come...."oh hey let's try this new pizza joint I have been reading about on TulsaNow!" and there you have it.We polished up at Cellar Dweller.

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« Reply #107 on: December 06, 2008, 07:39:04 pm »

I am okay with only having limited pizzas by the slice but I wish they would have a calendar so you knew what you could get what days. I have been in enough the staff is starting to know me by name.

I ate there today (no surprise) and unfortunately left our leftover (half a pizza and some chicken strips) at the table.
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« Reply #108 on: January 12, 2009, 11:16:56 am »

JMBlake, thanks for conversation last night...really enjoyed the chat.

The Pizza was excellent as always and the bottle of Marshall's was the perfect accompaniment.
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« Reply #109 on: October 03, 2017, 10:32:52 am »

Joe Momma's Pizza to return in new spot; Phoenix Cafe to have new concept

Joe Momma’s Pizza fans have something to celebrate. The restaurant, destroyed by fire in July 2015, is returning in a new location, and in separate but related news, Phoenix Café will be launching a new concept.

Joe Momma’s, formerly located at 112 S. Elgin Ave., will relocate to 308 E. First St.

“We are more than thrilled to bring Joe Momma’s back to Tulsa after a long and difficult hiatus,” Blake Ewing said Monday. “Our new address in the Jacob’s Lofts building around the corner from our old location is a large and restaurant-ready space, allowing for much-needed growing room.”

Joe Momma’s will take over space that formerly held S&J Oyster Co.

“We’re also excited to refresh the Phoenix concept, bringing brick-oven pizza and an expanded menu featuring healthy café options to the Pearl District,” Ewing said.

Phoenix Café is located at 1302 E. Sixth St.

Joe Momma’s Pizza and White Flag, both formerly operated under the ownership of Ewing, were sold last year to Healthy & Tasty Brands Corp., headed by CEO Keith Wilkerson. Wilkerson recently said White Flag is transitioning to a new concept.

Ewing said Healthy & Tasty Brands has sold its interest in Joe Momma’s to a new ownership group that also will operate Phoenix Cafe. Ewing said he is a minority partner.

“The new ownership group has not hired management, and I will not operate the business in my previous capacity,” said Ewing, who is also a Tulsa city councilor.

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