Turner Turnpike Conditions

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All you see online is "Slick and Hazardous."

Does anyone know if the sand trucks and plows are out on the Turner Turnpike? Is there much traffic? My husband needs to go back to Oklahoma City from Tulsa, and I'm worried. Has anyone been on that road today? Any info would be appreciated.

Call the OHP, they work the Turnpike and have up to date information on the road conditions.  

Last report I heard the roads are open, but traffic is moving slowly.  

Highway Patrol recommends keeping speeds slow, leave plenty of distance between the vehicle in front of you, do not drive next to other vehicles, keep windows and mirrors clear of ice and snow, do not try to change lanes just keep moving ahead.  

Last storm Dec 2, 2007 the only bad spot was at the main Toll Booth near Stroud.  Caused a 30 minute delay in traffic as the plows had not cleared that area, and there was only a small one lane 90 degree entrance back onto the Turnpike from the Cash Booths.  

Pike Pass lane was stop and go as well, waiting for the Cash payment lane traffic to merge.

Last night around 8:00 pm, the Creek Turnpike was almost perfectly plowed, sanded and salted.  I hope the same can be said of the Turner Turnpike.

Made a run to Edmond yesterday, came back late lastnight.

50 - 60 all the way through.

Gotta watch for stupid people doing stupid things though.

Suppose it depends on what level of experience Hubby has, jdb

I drove to OKC and back on Friday. It was stupid of me to go in hindsight.

The price of gas was $1.91 per gallon in OKC, by the way.


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