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January 16, 2019, 10:25:47 pm
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Author Topic: "My First Ride"  (Read 1293 times)
« on: September 10, 2006, 08:13:32 pm »


Tulsa - A national cable television network is filming a reality show right here in Tulsa. The producer chooses an automobile lover and restores his very first car. The company doing the restoration is also here in Tulsa. NewsChannel 8's Abby Ross has more.

The crew is made up of four main characters. But, they aren't actors. They're employees of Trinity Restoration in Tulsa. The show is called 'My First Ride' in which a viewer writes in and nominates their husband, wife or anyone who loved their first car.

The production company chooses a person, finds his first car and then the Trinity crew restores it, making it exactly how the owner would want it today.

Trinity spent the entire month of July shooting the pilot. The show is still unfinished, so you can't see the result. But, the owner of Trinity and My First Ride's main character, David Miller, says shooting the segment was a huge success.

"On the pilot, the car was one color," Miller says. "But, his dream was for it to be another. So, that's the color we made it. Which was cool. He freaked out. He was blown away. He cried, the wife cried, everyone cried. It was great."

If the studio likes the pilot, the crew is coming back to shoot eight more episodes. And they are only looking for local car lovers. If you want to nominate someone, log on to www.trinitytulsa.com and click on 'My First Ride'.
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