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January 23, 2020, 10:36:00 pm
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Author Topic: Oklahoma City by morning  (Read 1575 times)
« on: March 02, 2006, 04:10:55 pm »

Here's a handful of photos I recently took, just before New Year's actually, and I thought maybe some of you all would be interested. I don't really think that this thread would be in the Burbs forum, but since I see other OKC threads here, I don't suppose it's too outragious. Enjoy.

The view from my parking space

Every morning I walk through the FNB on my way to my office on Park Avenue. It joins Park and the Main Street Parking Garage.

First National Building. Some of these are interior shots of the restuarant inside, and some of the architecture on the inside. There's a patchwork of shops and offices on the bottom floor, that's usually very busy at all times of the workday. When you go up to the grand lobby though, you notice two elevators that are closed off, and on the other side is one of the most gorgeous banking halls in this country.

The Robinson Renaissance and the Oklahoma Tower.

Corporate Tower.

Downtown alley.

Leadership Square.

A walk down Park.

Opinions? Negative comments about OKC? [V]
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