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March 26, 2019, 06:17:54 pm
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Author Topic: Tally's 61 & Sheridan  (Read 1983 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 30, 2017, 09:05:27 pm »

Well, time to have my weekly "piss off the internet" moment...  Went to Tally's new place today about 11 this morning.  SWMBO got some breakfast thing called the Bomb - she says it was good !  It looked good and the one little nibble I had of it was very good, I thought.

I had chicken fried steak, since USA Today and KTUL both said it is the "best" in Oklahoma...  Both either blatantly lied or are wilfully ignorant.  It ain't even close to the best... it's not bad and in Texas or somewhere in the northeast it may well be the best available, but in Oklahoma - not even.   Nelson's and Del Rancho are both much better.  Even the chain - Charleston's - is better than Tally's.  And while I haven't had it in a while, and don't know if they still do, Savoy used to make excellent chicken fried.   And the new Cotton Patch out in Broken Arrow has great chicken fried, too!  Have had it 3 times since they opened.   So if we didn't have 5 better ones, it could be best in Oklahoma, but we do have them.  Like I said - it ain't bad, it just isn't 'best'.    We have an embarrassment of riches in Chicken Fried Steak right now in this state!   I think that is a great thing!

The rolls are exceptionally good.  Sides; baked potato was good as were the brown beans.

The cinnamon rolls are huge and pretty darn good, too!  Still eating on it here at 9 pm this evening!  Not quite like Savoy, but then I have yet to meet a cinnamon roll I really didn't like very much.

Parking - what a nightmare catastrophe!  Whoever was doing site choice should have kept looking - that is an unmitigated disaster.  Maybe it will get better after the opening rush dies down some.  It almost drove us away, but got into a not-really-a-parking-space right next to their sign out at the corner.  

Like the building.  It's always nice to visit 1957 again.  Servers are working like dogs, are already pretty good, and will become more polished as they gain experience in the new environs.  The 11th street place had great servers the last few times we went, so this should get there too.

Overall, Cotton Patch as diner food is gonna out-Tally,  Tally's.  Even if it is a chain...  CP's weakness is no breakfast!  


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