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November 23, 2020, 06:23:14 pm
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Author Topic: Pedestrian Bridge  (Read 45096 times)
Arkansas Rio Gator
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« Reply #225 on: November 20, 2020, 01:26:52 am »

I have been informed (elsewhere) that...

"There are going to be a lot of stakeholders moving forward in the use of the new bridge and also the new dam underneath, with its kayaking flume, etc."

To these stakeholders and co. I would be tempted to say…

“The new dam, flume, etc., might be great, and there may be money to be made, but the new bridge itself is a mistake—downgrading from what we already had in key ways—and a preventable mistake at that (so much the worse). The 1917 bridge should not be demolished for it, of all possibilities. Clearly, many thousands feel this way; I have only encountered a small representative sample, already evidenced by the petition. Said stakeholders should read the 2015 HNTB report from beginning to end, for starters, and see about saving some money and keeping/renovating something truly unique. It ain’t too late to stop this Brookside Blunder (or, anyhow, it should not be.) Have a nice day and Happy Thanksgiving.”
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« Reply #226 on: Today at 11:55:38 am »

Have you looked at the HNTB report?

They have the cred:


Look at the numbers in their report.

I'm not saying that it is wrong, just that I would much rather have a contractor give us an estimate on something that is fairly abnormal. We are now comparing a 5 year old preliminary study done using RS Means and ODOT historical pricing to an as-bid price. They aren't really the same thing. I think your argument is strong enough that the new bridge as designed isn't a good use of our money compared to other options (KKT Bridge?). But I don't buy for an instant that we could rehab the old bridge for half the price of a new bridge. I think HNTB lowballed the repair option and we picked an expensive and bad new bridge.

Also, that is interesting about design-built. I think this would be a perfect implementation for it.
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