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October 19, 2018, 05:40:47 pm
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Author Topic: End KFAQ war..  (Read 3848 times)
« on: March 24, 2005, 08:21:26 pm »


I found this...tell me your take on the whole issue..

Posted By: Ray McCollum <bullpoop@1170kfaq.com>
Date: Sunday, 20 March 2005, at 9:48 a.m.

Its a sad day when any local radio station (KFAQ at this time) can block progress in Tulsa at a crucial time in our history, with so much good going on in our City, this one small faction is splitting our city and keeping our City Council from doing as much good as it has in the past.

The last Council stopped the abuse of take home cars, the use of so many cell phones, reworked the construction contracts to save us so much money, and made the inspection department more business friendly. My City Councilor Bill Christiansen led those issues while we worked on 167 employee and citizen suggestions to cut the cost of our City government.

This City Council has not done anything close to improving City government; they had a good Airport investigation going and have dropped it. We need the Go bond issue to pass, we need for the good things that Vision 2025 is planning and building, and our City Council is so split that the voters will be turned off that we may fail altogether. It is all because some City Councilors want to get on KFAQ [for pride and fame]. That leads them to say a lot of things that are simply not true about our City and our County. Those same City Councilors took an oath of office to uphold the Charter of the City of Tulsa and they are not doing it.

I have an Oklahoma City newspaper that wrote an editorial about how we are the laughing stock of the State; it wasn't that long ago that the same newspaper wrote how great it was that we passed our Vision 2025 program like their Maps program. These people at KFAQ are not from our city, they are from other cities and could care less about what happens here, because they will move on to other markets and laugh at us on the way. So please talk to your City Councilors, ask them to stay in the meeting, don't walk out and uphold their oath of office. If the City Charter says do it, they must do it. We need this voter confidence for the upcoming elections. I am fully informed if you want to know more.

Ray McCollum


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