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October 18, 2018, 06:50:12 pm
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Author Topic: Tulsa County Assessor SHOOTS Taxpayer  (Read 3237 times)
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« on: March 10, 2005, 08:50:12 am »

Our local newspaper, the Lorton's World, reported today that Tulsa County Assessor Yazel, shot and seriously wounded a "suspect" in OKMULGEE County (Hectorville = Boondocks).  

Bet that hurts some, having your HIP shot off.

It's ROUTINE I suppose for a Tulsa County ASSESSOR to shoot a man in Okmulgee County?


Seems our Fearless Fosdick of an Assessor likes to do Ride-Alongs with the County Mounties, so that he can strap on that big GUN.  

So, that everyone will say, "My, that's a big one you have.  PLEASE, Mr. County Assessor, show us how BIG your gun is......"

Their cover story is that the suspect was struggling with another Reserve Deputy (and fellow Assessor's Office employee), and trying to get his gun.  Uh, just maybe the "suspect" was trying to keep the Reserve Deputy (Mr. Pound, who has been suspended before - for CAUSE), from USING the firearm, out of FEAR for his life???

Of course, the County Sheriff will investigate HIMSELF.  And, I expect he'll CLEAR himself, too.  And promptly.  Got that "Justifiable Shooting" Rubber-Stamp handy, Deputy?

By the way, why exactly does a warrant need to be served at 12:15 a.m.?   Was our local County Assessor planning on actually coming into WORK at 8:30 a.m. this morning in our Assessor's Office??

Or, is serving an early A.M. warrant more likely to INCREASE the likelihood that a "suspect" will react violently to a possible HOME INVASION, from parties unknown?  

It definitely gets LEO wannabees like Mr. Yazel some "justifiable homicide" trigger-time.

Then, the suspect can be gunned down with IMPUNITY.

Like last nite.

Wonder if there are any INDEPENDENT witnesses to this shooting, or just the wounded man, and the Deputies who are busy now rehearsing their stories?  TOO BAD, they didn't VIDEOTAPE the early A.M. No-Knock Raid....

Wonder what TULSA COUNTY's CIVIL LIABILITY is in this case, if the shooting turns out to be be litigated by the wounded man?Huh  And, WHO pays the wounded man's substantial hospital bills???  Tulsa County, or Okmulgee County?


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