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May 12, 2021, 01:10:22 am
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Author Topic: INCOG interactive map a step in the right direction!  (Read 1289 times)
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« on: September 18, 2009, 02:58:34 pm »

If you've ever wished for an interactive map where you can click on any parcel of land to see all related zoning, planning and development information...this isn't it.

BUT it's an important baby step in the right direction.


The INCOG staff has essentially utilized Google maps to show details of all pending Board of Adjustment applications.  Click on the pushpins to see details (who, what, when, where).

This is very handy if you're a neighborhood activist who is looking for an easy way to stay apprised of possible actions in your part of town.

It would be nice to see something similar for PUD applications, and there's no reason why that couldn't be done with the same Google interface.

Of course, ideally, Tulsa could go way beyond this.  I would love to see an interactive map that allows you to click on a parcel to see ALL pertinent land use information, both pending and past, as well as zoning, neighborhood plans, historic district overlays, etc.

Some day. 

In the meantime, this is a simple and creative way to help get the info out to the general public (using a free interface).  Kudos to whoever came up with the idea.
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