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December 13, 2018, 04:04:52 pm
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Author Topic: Everybody Needs to Demand More  (Read 2103 times)
« on: November 22, 2004, 12:23:33 pm »

Whether or not you are liberal, conservative, religious, or an atheist. We all need to demand more from our government and especially from our media where we get our news!

You might think the morning show on KVOO is liberal and that the KFAQ show is conservative. It does not matter! We as citizens must rely on the news organizations to be the watch dogs of government and to get us honest unbiased and informed information. When you have the news organizations picking sides or getting involved in local business there is no way that you can trust them to be honest and unbiased from that point on! The general manager of channel eight is on the board at the chamber of commerce. Do you think that they are going to write or show any kind of news piece that is critical of what the chamber is doing? The Tulsa World owning any of Great Planes airlines would bring anything that was written by them about the airline into question. If I owned the world and invested in the airline, I damn sure wouldn't let any kind of article run in my paper even questioning whether or not something was wrong with how this business adventure was set up. Would you potentially hang yourself? That's what you would be doing!

When a news organization endorses a particular candidate how can you possible believe that they are being fair if all they do from that point on is run negative news pieces about his opponent and positive ones about him?

We have a few construction firms using their own money to help promote vision 2025, is it any surprise that they are going to be making money off all of this new construction going on. I doubt that they would have invested their own money so heavily if every single contract went up nationwide for competitive bid and they faced the prospect of not landing them!

We as citizens, no matter what side you are on are the ones getting hurt! Well maybe not all, there seems to be select group of our local citizens that seem to be making money every time they turn around. Even if the rest of our local economy is crumbling around us.

I am not taking sides with this post and it shouldn't matter what side you are on if you are truly interested in making this city as well as this region a better place to live and raise your family. People in positions of power around our city are the ones that also own businesses that miraculously keep getting city contracts. I am sure there are democrats as well as republicans getting rich this way. Until we the people demand better this is how it will continue to be, they will continue to get rich and we will continue to get the crumbs! All the while they will keep adding taxes because they need more and more money to pass around to their buddies as well as their own business!

If I was your money manager and advised you to invest money into a business that I owned or even had an interest in would you blindly trust me? If so, we need to talk! But that is exactly what is going on all around you and you don't even bat an eye at it.

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