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July 25, 2021, 07:07:07 am
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Author Topic: 'TFD Has Perfect Test Rate' - Really?  (Read 2451 times)
« on: February 06, 2009, 08:49:52 am »

Reported today in the Tulsa World

Let me start by saying that I know there are truthful, honorable and courageous men and women in our City's Fire Department.  But...let us not forget that this was never about the pass rate or the scores of the individuals, this was about the department knowlingly and illegally falsifying records. There were individuals that knew this was going on, individuals that participated and individuals that devised and instituted the process by which the records were falsified.

These firefighters were not only knowingly provided false pass records, but that pass credit also allowed them to gain additional pay increases as a result. Someone must be held accountable or all it says is the City of Tulsa allows unethical and illegal behavior and rewards it.

This is becoming quite the norm it seems and the only punishment is a slap on the wrist. Someone must be held accountable and I suggest starting at the top with management that should have oversight of what is going on in their department. Let's start with the Chief and work our way down.

Now let's deconstruct the article shall we:

"Firefighters have stepped up to the plate and they have proven once and again they are one of the finest in the nation," said Fire Chief Allen LaCroix.

Shame they had to step up and do it again in the first place and unfair to those that did attend classes and honestly get the credit.

"We have addressed the issues and put in place new processes so this won't happen again. Now, we are moving forward," Taylor said.

This is becoming Taylor's standard line for all problems. Oops, we have a problem but lets forget about that and just move forward from here on out. Was the same with the TDA/HUD audit, the Public Works scandal, now the firefighters fiasco.

The issue, she (Taylor) said, was "sloppy and inaccurate record keeping, which we have rectified."

No, if she bothered to read the Oklahoma State Department of Health investigation it showed some firefighters admitted they could not truthfully account for all of the continuing education units they reported.  The firefighters told state investigators they were instructed to use dates from a provided list, even though they couldn't account for their class attendance, and that a date was fabricated for a hazardous-materials class.

Overall, (Fire Chief Allen) LaCroix said, he thinks firefighters were put in a bad position.

Yes they were and it's unfortunate, but by whom were they put in a bad position?

LaCroix said he thinks the department's administration didn't train firefighters on proper record keeping.

A firefighter's job is to provide safety in emergency situtations, not be a record keeper, that's the department administration's job or why does the department have administration?

"I (LaCroix) hate to hold the firefighters responsible for something the administration failed to do," he said.

Then don't...man up and find those that are responsible and hold them accountable.  Do not tarnish the reputation of all those that serve under you for the misdeeds of a few.

He (LaCroix) also said that as a result of the scandal, the culture that existed within the department that allowed the falsification of records to occur has changed.

So there is an ackowledgement that falsification of records took place, that there is a culture that fed such actions but no mention of personnel that were responsible and carried out the falsification.  

Nice to know we are in such responsible, truthful, ethical and capable hands.

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« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2009, 08:54:58 am »

Without looking into the details, it smells funny.  If you had no reason to teach, why would you?  

Is anyone over the fire department?  It appears they do whatever they like in training, education, reviews, and to implement policies to destroy urban planning.

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« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2009, 08:59:17 am »

Much like the Public Works Director, the Fire Chief serves at the will of the Mayor.  The Mayor, Auditor and Council can and should provide oversight to the department.
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