Double Coupons?

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Nick Danger:
Are there any grocery stores in the Tulsa area that double coupons? I know there used to be, but haven't seen any lately. We need to get Kroger in here to stir up some competition, but they probably won't because we can't sell wine in the grocery stores here.

I think the only grocery in Tulsa that still has double coupons is Homeland, but you have to be signed up for their Homeland customer card to take advantage of special pricing and double coupons.

Food Pyramid does everyday up to .50 cents.

Homeland does Triple coupons a couple of times a year as well. The only weird rule at homeland is you can only use one of a coupon so if you have two coupons for $1 off a 12 pack, you have to buy them seperately.

I have found that Tulsa does not have good food stores like other cities. In Omaha we have HyVee stores that have super in-store bakeries and low prices they also sell hot food items, the stores are huge, modern and clean, they also have a Bakers stores  (Bakers Stores are the Kroger stores in Omaha) and stores like "Food 4 Less" and "Bag 'N' Save", plus Aldi stores and "Save-A-Lot" stores. Many Tulsa stores seem old and outdated. The store most up-to date in Tulsa is the Reasoners Stores. I see a big vacuum of good food stores in Tulsa, ripe for a new food chain to move in and corner the market. Tulsa's Homeland Store and Warehouse Market are old out-dated stores and look like they have not changed since the 1960's. My favorite home improvement store does not market in Oklahoma - Mennards that store can run circles around Home depot & Lowes. I wish Mennards would open a few stores in Oklahoma.


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