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July 09, 2020, 07:42:43 am
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Author Topic: "DHS reform and PROTEST"  (Read 1962 times)
« on: September 10, 2008, 02:49:05 pm »

Hello people of Tulsa, you do not know me, although many of you may. I am a teenager, but a ridiculously mature one. I also spent over 11 years of my life in foster care. DHS, although a great program, did more damage to my family and I than it ever did good. Here is why:

First: "DHS keeps siblings together." They truly do not. Any foster child will probably tell you the same thing. Through out the entire time that I spent in foster care I never lived with both my siblings, and in fact, I was never allowed to live with my younger brother, only my older one. Although DHS will deny it if asked, I have the case files to prove it. This is one thing that DHS did to my family and I will never forgive them for, because it has emotionally damaged us for the rest of our lives.

Second: "The kids are well watched." This is completely false. I suffered more from sexual assault while in the system than I ever did out side of it. In my life I have been molested four times and raped twice. Unfortunately only two of these incidents occurred while I was not in DHS custody. The case workers do not visit the kids like they are suppose to. Case workers are over loaded, and DHS is understaffed, they always are. But this does not excuse the fact that case workers hardly ever call, and usually never visit. I have had case workers i never even spoke to and I have definitely never met. This is what leads to the abuse that happens inside DHS.

Third: "They try to reunite the families." This is also a complete lie. I know for a fact that my father tried everything he could to get my brothers and me out of DHS. Despite all the classes, and all his good behavior; they refused. The parents aren't even allowed to see their kids unsupervised. Don't get me wrong this is a great policy, but they take it way to far. It is sometimes hard for the parents to get a hold of case workers. They can't see their kid with out the case worker present, and the case workers do not return calls, which leads the parents to eventually giving up.

Four: "The kids get to see there sibling." This one is complete b.s. In the entire time I was in the system I hardly ever got to see my brothers. I was lucky if I saw them once a year at Christmas. DHS did not even set up holiday visits. They approved them but my Nana was truly the one in charge. They wouldn't even give her the phone number of the parent we were living with a lot of the time. This is also why my Nana made sure we all memorized her phone number because she knew it would always be hard to track us down, especially after DHS moved us, which they do a lot. Also even when a former foster child ages out, or turns 18, they still are not allowed to see their younger siblings, even if they can pass a drug test and have a stable job.

Five: "The kids stay in the same place." I'm sure some kids do stay in the same place, but the truth is, most of us end up floaters. Which simply means we are emotionally damaged children that certain parents can't handle. Because of this, we end up moving dozens of times, and never establish a true family. This tends to leave us emotionally scarred for life. Also, they will force emotionally damaged kids to live in group homes. Although this does work sometimes, it is a horrible idea. Children need a mom and or dad. Kids need siblings, even if they are not blood. Group homes remove the concept of family all together. When you live in this environment, with no family, just bosses, it destroys you in the end. Especially when your just a misbehaving, but extremely misunderstood child.

I am not trying to destroy the Department of Human Services, I just want to fix it. The reform is coming and I want to help lead it. Other foster children are going to start to speak up too. City of Tulsa, you just wait, its going to happen. I am even going to protest and any one who would like to join this very confused, and slightly emotionally damaged almost 20 year, please contact me at spaztikmonkey@yahoo.com.

This needs to stop and it needs to change now. I've even warned my, now I think former, case worker its coming. Trust me DHS is not going to be surprised, but scared, they know its coming. The case workers realize its wrong, and they know the rules are ridiculous and completely out dated. But I'm being sincere and as a show of good faith my real name is Amy.

The system is completely corrupt, the rules are out dated and the kids are being abused with in this system. The public needs to know what is going on and that is the only way we can truly stop this. City of Tulsa, join me! We can start it here and change the entire nation.

City Father
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« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2008, 01:42:41 pm »

Amy, I for one hope that you do help change the rotten system that they have in place. I had my children placed in the system twice thru a horrible divorce and other troubles that I brought on myself. My two boy's were keep together at the shelter for over a month which is a Dayroom dorm type of setting, no privacy at all and theft of what little they had happened all the time. When they did go to a foster home it was with six other children with varying ages. And the parents were of advanced ages and all they were in it for was the large amount of money that is paid for each child. The hoops that you have to jump thru to get your children back is unbelievable and seems to be set up to make you fail because of the money generated for them to keep them in their custody. Case workers are about numbers and yes they are under staffed. But that gives them no right to treat everyone as if they cannot raise their children without their help. Telling me not to cry at the 2 supervised meetings with my children that I had in 1 and 1/2 years they were away from me was just crazy and un-called for. I now have my boy's and everyone is shocked when they find out that I have custody of my kid's being a man in Oklahoma. I wonder why I get that reaction. I think everyone knows. Keep at it Amy and I would like to join the fight but after all that me and my children went thru I am just all punched out. And I am sure that is exactly what they want when they are finally done with you.

Changing opinions one mistake at a time.
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2008, 11:04:30 pm »

Awesome Jonesgrrl! Keep up the good fight! You and your peers will change the world for the better if you persevere!

America's future depends on our young! Get out the vote if you are under 40! You are the eyes of the world! And the whole world is watching!
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