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Title: Safari Joe's H2O To Be Redeveloped Into Paradise Beach Water Park
Post by: shavethewhales on January 25, 2023, 10:51:20 am
Safari Joe's, formerly Big Splash, will once again be transformed. This time it sounds like they are actually going to put the work and money in to make it a worthwhile park.

This place has needed help for awhile. Safari Joe put some work in and fixed it up from the delinquent state Big Splash left it in, but he stopped short of actually overhauling the park like it needs. They replaced the old dangerous speed slides with new high thrill slides and fixed the master blaster (probably was forced to due to the dangerousness of the old concrete channel), but the park has needed a new star attraction for many years. Even just replacing the 1970's era tube slides with modern slides would go a long way.

It's always been weird to me that Tulsa has had so much trouble attracting a new amusement park of any kind since Bell's closed. This is a metro of over a million people, we should have a proper water park AT LEAST. I get that it's a hard business to get off the ground though.