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Title: TPD Murder Arrest Rate
Post by: cannon_fodder on June 07, 2018, 08:40:55 am
It's easy to point out when things go wrong, it takes a moment or a series of moments for it to happen, but the results linger.  To get a reputation of doing things right and to have the stats to back it up takes years.  The Tulsa Police Department has earned that reputation for murder investigations.

The Washington Post ran an article called "Where Killings Go Unsolved."  It analyzed more than 50,000 murders, mapped where they happened, and if an arrest resulted.  It highlights (lowlights) the communities where the police fail to catch murderers.  It tracks the age and race of the victims and correlates that data too, morbid and fascinating data. Very interesting correlations that vary by city. There is also a shocking disparity in overall arrest rates between cities.  Some areas have an utterly appalling arrest rate (parts of Chicago and Baltimore, for example), others are held out as doing really well (Atlanta is the given example).

Underlying data available here:

The national average is an arrest for about 50% of homicides, Tulsa has an arrest for 67%.  As you go through the individual cities list, it is among if not THE best.

Maybe a weird thing to take pride it, it would be far better to not have many to investigate at all.  BUT... credit where do.  Arresting murderers should be seen as a universal good.

Tulsa specifically (and you can search other cities from here):


Title: Re: TPD Murder Arrest Rate
Post by: Breadburner on June 08, 2018, 09:03:33 pm
Cricket's....Shocker...!!!...But's it's nice of you to acknowledge it...