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Title: Mayor Bynum's TedX talk
Post by: PonderInc on March 06, 2017, 11:07:55 am
If you haven't watched this 13 minute presentation by Mayor Bynum, it's pretty awesome. (

I love the focus on non-partisan, data-driven analysis and decision-making.  Such a breath of fresh air after all the recent administration's "Golly heck! Gosh darn it! [slap thigh] That seems like a good idea to me!" leadership.

I'm also proud of GT for addressing the health outcome and longevity disparities between north and south Tulsa.  Facing this issue head on is inspiring, absolutely critical and long-overdue.

Although not specifically mentioned, I'm personally hopeful that a better analysis of land use, infrastructure maintenance, and economic development realities will change the way Tulsa leaders think about "growth."  This is especially timely with Strong Towns coming to Tulsa later this month. Once you start doing the math of how much it costs to build and maintain public infrastructure (in perpetuity!) compared to the taxes that are actually generated by short-lived suburban car-centric developments, you'll see a logical reason why we struggle so much with potholes, bridges, water line breaks, etc. (And why we can't fund our parks.)