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Title: "fuzzy" news, or Busting the myth buster
Post by: patric on June 18, 2005, 12:58:27 pm
Dont you just love news operations that use syndicated fluff (pseudo-ads) to fill their newscasts or papers, never bothering to check the facts themselves?

In the June 18 "World of Homes" (a Tulsa World Publication) page 9 features an article credited to "ARA Content" that mocks a popular understanding about fire protection sprinkler systems.

"the widely generated myth that all sprinklers go off at once is the most common misconception about home fire sprinklers.  The truth is, only the sprinkler closest to the flames will open to release water"

The quote attributed to the "Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition" is misleading in that it falsely assumes there is only one type of sprinkler system.  Indeed, the most common type of fire suppression sprinkler installed in dwellings not subject to freezing temperatures is known as a "wet pipe system", but most knowledgeable architects and firefighters can accurately relate to what is known as a "deluge system" where multiple sprinklers operate in tandem (the same way lawn irrigation systems work).

One such "preposterous" Deluge system is described at
(mouse-over the cool graphics they use)

They also describe the more typical Wet system at
which, yes, I would strongly recommend for any new dwelling as a real life-saver.

OK, so maybe the World was rushed on this one.  It happens.
This might serve as a lesson to better attribute their "facts" to sources that can be independently verified or otherwise cross-examined.  "AHA Content" might as well be "Deep Throat" if there isnt any web link, address or phone number to distinguish it from someone's literary whim.    

But then, it wouldnt be the Whirled...