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Title: Free Aluminum, Drop Ceiling Grid stystem
Post by: TheArtist on August 11, 2012, 05:27:00 pm
  You take it down and it's yours.  It's probably over 1,600 sq ft worth and is modular/snaps apart.  We took out the old panels and insulation and are hauling that off to the dump but thought perhaps someone could use the metal grid system. It's in good shape, we just like the look of the exposed cement ceiling better.  Otherwise if I take it down I am hauling it off lol.  Oh, and I would really prefer it all be gone this coming week, or two at most.

Downtown in the South side retail space fronting Boston Ave, of the parking garage at 6th and Boston Ave.  

Oh, and if anyone perchance wants some free pink, fiberglass insulation cut up into ceiling grid sized rectangles, let me know pronto cause I am gonna be hauling most of it away Sunday and all of it by Tuesday.

PM me if interested