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Title: Is this site really accomplishing anything?
Post by: ttown_jeff on April 20, 2005, 06:56:28 pm
They say if you don't like something on TV, turn it off. And sad to say that's what I am doing. Turning it off.

Except for the memories part of the discussion groups, this site seems to be the place where verbal abusers, beraters, belittlers, and banterers have come to practice their wears. In fact, there are probably only 15 or 20 regulars on this site that are regulars.

I haven't seen the fruit of one positive thing on this site. There haven't been any solutions proposed in the topics that I know of that has ended up in anything, But eventually making everyone mad.  I include myself in the madness.  And so for my sanity, I am signing off.  I will be much happier now.

I encourage others to sign off too.  May God be with each of you.