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Title: Yo - Cul-De-Sacs!
Post by: OurTulsa on August 10, 2009, 10:29:55 pm

Yo - Cul-De-Sacs! 

I typically dislike aiding in the promotion of 'New Urbanism' as I feel like I'm pimping designer jeans with a big flashy logo on my a$$, and quite frankly 'New Urbanism' as a concept isn't really new anymore, but the video is enjoyable.

I like New Urbanism, or as described, Old Urbanism in principle but way too many disingenuous people have mis-used the moniker to promote poorly designed developments with pretty houses and sidewalks that lead to a park or an elementary school.  I'm also not crazy about New Urbanism as a different means of building 'new towns' out in the middle of nowhere connected to the rest of society exclusively by highway.

I really like 'New Urbanism' as it is applied in existing fabric (brownfields particularly).  But in those cases I'd much rather just say contextual infill, or good redevelopment.